Bubbaverse November Eco-Baby Product of the Month: EverEarth Wooden Toys

I love wooden toys. They are just so genuine and honest. They look better and last longer than their plastic counterparts and, best of all, they are much better for the environment! At Christmas time our children get bombarded with … Continue reading

Bubbaverse September Eco-Baby Product of the Month: Soy Crayon Rocks

Now the weather is getting warmer, let your child’s summer imagination run wild with colour. This month’s Eco-Baby POM, Soy Crayon Rocks, found at Gold Fish Toy Shop online, is a great eco-friendly way to bring life to your toddler’s … Continue reading

Bubbaverse August Eco-Baby Product of the Month: Hevea Pacifiers

Hevea you heard? You don’t need to use plastic pacifiers anymore! Hands down: this month’s Eco-Baby Product of the Month is the most exciting eco-friendly baby product we have seen. Hevea Pacifiers “paconify” what it means to be eco-friendly. Made … Continue reading

Bubbaverse Eco-Baby Product of the Month: Gaia Bamboo Baby Wipes!

They’re a very important item in our nursery or nappy bag, and now Gaia Skin Naturals Australia has introduced their own Baby Wipes product. And, as you’d expect from this company, they’re luxuriously gentle on our itty ones skin! What … Continue reading