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We’re lucky to be Mums in this day and age. Modern baby products have advanced to the point where they are not only easier to use, but are now also falling under the “inexpensive” and “environmentally friendly” category as well. We’re spoilt for choice on what products we use to help us rear out little ones, depending on what is important to us.

One of the first choices we make is to use either disposable or cloth nappies. We need to consider time constraints, budget, and values regarding environmentally friendly products. I have a photo of my cousin, who decided to use terry toweling cloth nappies before there was a real modern cloth choice, sitting behind a day’s worth of nappies piled as tall as she sat. It wasn’t until my sister introduced me to the world of Modern Cloth jade-girlNappies (MCN) that I even considered any other choice but disposables.

MCNs give you the shape, absorbency and ease of use of disposables, but without the wastage or the weekly bill and with no involved soaking/ washing process or the soggy pilcher pinch of terry toweling nappies. To see how MCNs can reduce the cost of nappies, even though they come with an up front bill of approximately $700 for full time use of ‘one size fits most’ versions, have a look at the table at the bottom of this post. It shows how the costs are dramatically reduced (even more so with subsequent children) when a family use MCNs over the week to week expenses of disposables.

Itti Bitti Modern Cloth Nappies are a market leader. Founded by Newcastle Mum, Sue McLachlan in her very own home, over the past nine years her passion has grown into a worldwide addiction for Mums everywhere.Itti Bitti limited-edition-prints

The Itti Bitti nappies have a minkee fabric outer which, if you know minkee, you know is super soft but also waterproof. The minkee outsides come in a number of different trendy colours, and Itti Bitti periodically release super cute special edition prints.

Inside the nappy is suedecloth, which keeps Bubba’s bum dry and is also stain resistant, meaning no nasty bleaching is needed. Best of all, this fabric keeps your baby comfortable and reduces nappy rash.

There are four different types of Itti Bitti nappies; Itti Tutto; Bitti Boo; Bitti D’Lish All In One; and Bitti D’Lish Snap In One.tutto-Colours

The Bitti Tutto is by far the most popular Itti Bitti nappy. It has won many awards, and is the best seller of the Itti Bitti range. The Tutto is a One Size Fits Most nappy, so you can use it on a new born (3kg) all the way up to toilet training (18kg). You simply fold and snap the nappy differently, depending on how big your Bubba is. The down side to flexibility is that the outer layer of the Tutto shell contains extra material than in the fitted variety, and this can cause a crumpled or sagging look.

Bitti-Tutto labledThe Tutto has the Itti Bitti patented Poo Fence, which is an extra protective fence all the way around the back and sides to stop a “Poo-nami” in its tracks. This, coupled with the most customisable soaker pads on the market, gives you and your Bubba complete absorbency and assurance.

The two Bitti D’Lish nappies are both sized (Small, Medium and Large) for the most trim and “low rise” fit. Being a sized nappy the cost increases as you will need to purchase three sets, one of each size, for use from birth to toilet training. The Snap In One (SIO) nappy allows you to add your soakers, much like the Tutto, to the nappy with snaps. This allows you to un-snap the soakers and reuse an un-wetted outer shell with a new set. They also dry faster when separated from the nappy shell.Azure-wetbag

The All In One (AIO) Bitti D’Lish is the best nappy for carers or days cares. It is much like the SIO, butthe AIO soaker is sewn in on one end. This allows absolute ease of use that you cannot get wrong, but does take longer to dry on the line.

The Bitti Boo is a night time nappy. It is the most absorbent and made only with natural fibres – bamboo and organic cotton. However, it will need to be used with a nappy cover.

Itti Bitti sell accessories for nappy change time as well, including wet bags (seen above) for storing dirty nappies on the go and minkee wipes, to save on disposable wipes.

 tutto-soakersFor the Tutto and SIO, the soaker sets are sold separately so that you have a choice of super absorbent bamboo soaker pads or quick dry microfiber soaker pads.

If you would like to buy these MCN or find out more you can visit the Itti Bitti Website where you will also find you can purchase nappies in value packs to save even more money. Itti Bitti suggests 18 – 24 nappies for full time use and 12 for part time use.

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