Bubbaverse November Eco-Baby Product of the Month: EverEarth Wooden Toys

LotsoftoysI love wooden toys. They are just so genuine and honest. They look better and last longer than their plastic counterparts and, best of all, they are much better for the environment!

At Christmas time our children get bombarded with plastic toys from family members, friends and party-goers, and how long into the next year do they last before something breaks, something wears out or they are just not as appealing anymore and end up as landfill (which doesn’t decompose for thousands of years)? When looking for something for a child or Bubba, before you default to the toy aisle in your local variety store, perhaps you could consider November’s Bubbaverse Eco-Baby Product of the month: EverEarth’s range of wooden toys.nametrain

EverEarth is an eco-conscious brand of toys that make some very attractive items, which would make wonderful gifts for your little one. For 39 years, EverEarth have been making rocking horses, shape sorters, balance bikes, car tracks, activity centres, roleplay toys, dollhouses, character toys, pull-alongs, push-alongs… and the list goes on. All are made from ethically and responsibly grown wood, and all are brightly and beautifully painted. You won’t have any issues finding something adorable and special that will last for years to come.nativityscene

EverEarth seem to be in the business of protecting our environment. They use the most eco-responsible practices and technologies to create their toys and bring your child’s play back to nature. They are the only toy manufacturer who own 100% of their forests, which means they can 100% control their supply chain and ensure that they reduce their carbon footprint. For example, the wood harvested from their forests need only be transported 50 miles to their factories to be transformed into their product. Also, the wood has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)noahsark

The paints used on the EverEarth toys are all soya bean and water-based paints, which are non-toxic. This makes them a safer option for Bubbas and the environment than the oil-based paints used on most other toys. EverEarth enforce stringent safety testing on all their products to meet international standards.Two girls

Lastly, just to make sure this brand has covered all eco-bases; the packaging used for the toys is minimal and made from recycled materials. And even with all this extra effort, the quality of the toys only gets better, so they will last longer and be enjoyed again and again.

If you want to learn more about the awesome practices of this brand, have a look at their website or, if you would like to purchase their toys, you can find them at the Lime Tree Kids website.

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Source: http://www.everearth.co.uk/index.php

Source: http://www.limetreekids.com.au/brand-everearth-279.aspx


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