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skirt_onesiecat2Admit it… We all dress our little Bubbas better than we dress ourselves: matching tops and bottoms, layering and accessorising. There are just so many cute and fashionable options out there! Here is one we absolutely love to bits!

‘Little Wings’ by Paperwings is a range of clothes for Bubbas, newborn to two years, that exudes style and unmatched flair. The designers of Paperwing and Little Wings have a background in film costume design, so each piece is stunningly original.

From their home in Northern New South Wales (Australia) to the world, the philosophy of this brand is to provide families with everyday clothes that look and feel great. Lovely clothes are not just for special occasions. Each season brings new and exciting choices; vintage and traditional clothing conventions mixed with modern cuts, prints and fashion. You’ll fall in love with Little wings and the Paperwings for older children (two to twelve).

In my opinion, the Paperwings range harness what it means to be a child without compromising on style. Made for moving bodies, the clothes have panache that brings chic to playtime.

The clothes speak for themselves:

  vintage_truck_tee2 skirt_leggings2 cats_meow2 frilled_smock_cat3

If you would like to browse more from the Paperwings range, you can visit their adorable website, or, if you are interested in buying something special for your Bubba, you’ll find these labels at

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