17 Christmas Gifts to Get Other Peoples Kids:


It’s hard enough planning for, shopping, and buying the right Christmas presents for your Bubbas, let alone the effort you’ll need to put into buying for other peoples’ kids. Nieces, Nephews, students, your kids’ friends, your friends’ kids, and those children sometimes adopted as your own. Worse still, I’m sure your “other-kids” list has huge diversity in age, gender, interest, need, and most importantly, budget.new_all_terrain_1

I myself have seventeen – yes, count ’em, seventeen – “other kids” I need to shop for this Christmas, and have planning (or in some cases, plotting) since May. So we thought it would be helpful to you busy Mummas out there to have a list of some ideas to help you get to December 25th cool, calm and collected. So here, in no particular order, are my 17 must-have Christmas gifts for 2013:

Number One: Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset

Super adorable and super portable: these Wooden Box-sets from play geniuses Tiger Tribe are the perfect solution for play on the go. The box opens up to form the base, and also holds all the pieces necessary to create a scene in which your child’s imagination run riot as they discover and play. These are fantastic toys to take when visiting friends and loved one this Christmas, some of whom might not have options to keep a child entertained. There is even a handle to carry the packed up box when it is time to go home.

There are 9 designs to choose from, and they cost $59.95. You can purchase the Box-sets from Haggus and Stookles.BoxsetFairyOpenDSC_8066LR_m

Number Two: Janod Insect Catcher

If you know a child with an investigative mind, this might just be the best item on your gift-list this year. Janod are known for their exquisitely painted wooden toys, and their insect catcher is no exception. The lid has a built-in magnifying glass so the little scientist can get a good look at their specimens, and the magnifier is encased in a ring of wood with lovely insect characters painted on it in bright colours. You’ll find the insect catcher at Lime Tree Kids for $14.95.janod-insect-catcher-main-496-496

Number Three: Skip Hop Zoo Pack – Little Kids Backpacks

The Skip Hop Zoo Pack is a backpack in the shape of a friendly zoo animal, with a pocket for a water bottle. If you know a little person who is going to Kindy or Preschool for the first time next year, they will be ridiculously excited to receive one of these colorful critters. The packs come in one of 16 different animal shapes, but our favourites are the owl and the dinosaur. You can nab a Zoo pack for $34.95, or a lunchbox with the same character for $21 from Haggus and Stookles.skip-hop-zoo-pack-little-kids-backpack-owl-2507

Number Four: Go Home Jr Woodies Collection Toys

Do you need a gift for a little boy? The characters from the Go Home Jr Woodies Collection are great for hands-on, imaginative boys. A number of my nephews will be find a new friend from this collection at Christmas – a movable robot or dinosaur made from beech wood. This is a very simple toy, perfect for encouraging the burgeoning imagination. Because the characters come in some lovely wrapping, they make a perfect gift. Find a friend for your fella from Haggus and Stookels for $19.90.go-home-jr-woodies-collection-toys-gyrobot-small-4136

Number Five: Mocka Art House 

Something all children love is a cubby. Imagine how they would adore one they decorated themselves. The Mocka Art house is a foldable cubby house that your children can paint, draw, stamp and put stickers on – the choice is all theirs! Decorate it all at once, or add a little bit each time it’s played with. Anything goes. The house is made from 100% recycled materials, and will encourage hours of creative play. Mocka even suggest using it as a birthday party activity. Brilliant! Snap one up from the Mocka Website for $29.99.

Mocka art house

Number Six: Quut Beach Toys

Quut (Pronounced “Cute”) is a new range of beach toys that are, frankly, super cool. There are three toys in this range, and each item is free of BAP, Phthalates or latex, and made from recyclable materials. The Scoppi ($29.95) is a full size sand shovel designed to maximise on sand-moving. The Ballo ($24.95) is a spill-proof bucket that doesn’t look like a bucket at all. It’s designed for kids to carry water from the sea up the beach, and use it in their play without it all leaking in the process. The countless uses of the Triplet ($11.95) are limited only by your little one’s imagination. It is like a spade, but with so many more uses. Get a hold of them at Haggus and Stookles.Quutdig together

Number Seven: Red Bobble hair accessories

If you need something small for a lot of girls, we guarantee the Red Bobble hair accessories with be a total hit. Full on for colour and cuteness, they are perfect gifts for your ballet class or school students. Start at $7.95 for a two pack from the Itti Bitti Website, and work your way up from there!.red-bobble-polaroids

Number Eight: Local Bloke Wobbly Wood Animals

Wobbly Wood Animals, by Local Bloke, are wooden animals similar to the Go Home Jr Woodies Collection, but they wobble rather than move. Even better, they come with a painting kit so the child can use their skills to bring them to life. Hands-on and fun, you can choose from seven different animals, including a shark and a seahorse, at Lime Tree Kids for only $8.95wobbly-wood-shark-main-696847-3170

Number Nine: Haba Kids Games and Puzzles

Haba have some lovely toys and activity sets, and what better gift than a game that will keep children quietly playing together for hours? Haba have a princess and a pirate themed memory game for $18.95, or for a bit of extra excitement there is the ‘Who Am I’ game for $24.95. ‘Who Am I’ comes with adjustable headbands (for kids and grown-ups) and 40 different animals and objects to guess from. Bring this game out at parties and have a great laugh. Find them at Haggus and Stookles.haba-who-am-i-kids-game-3789

Number Ten: Jellycat Bashful toys

The Jellycat Bashful toys will be a wonderful little friend for anyone, from new born Bubbas to children with a love for cuddles. The Bashful toys come in a few different animal shapes, but we can’t go past the Bashful Bunny with a floral pattern in her long ears, and, in close second place, the Bashful Monkey. They come in either small or medium sizes, and the bunny has a few different colour options. Have a look at Haggus and Stookles, starting at $16.95.jellycat-blossom-silver-bashful-bunny-small-4918

Number Eleven: Discoveroo Wooden Toys – Bendy Caterpillar

For the baby learning about texture and developing those motor skills, the Discoveroo Bendy Caterpillar is a great option. A twisting, bending, wooden caterpillar that Bubba won’t want to put down. This little guy has been tested to high safety standards, so you can be confident it’s a fun, safe gift. $10.95 from Haggus and Stookles.discoveroo-wooden-toys-bendy-caterpillar-3725

Number Twelve: Mocka Balance Bikes

If you haven’t encountered the Balance Bike revolution, you are about to. Balance Bikes are two wheeled and have no pedals. They are designed for children over the age of two to develop the skills and independence needed to transition into a push bike, without resorting to training wheels. Mocka have a range of wooden Balance Bikes that you’ll be able to afford to gift – and imagine how excited that child will be to receive their first “big kid” bike at such a young age. Learn more and purchase them from Mocka , starting at only $39.95

Mocka BB

Number Thirteen: Bobble Art Umbrella

An umbrella is a nice practical gift to give, so make it fun and attractive with the whimsical patterns on the Bobble Art Umbrellas. The wet weather will be upon us after Christmas, so you can prepare this child for walks in the wet where they can show off their style. Find the right Bobble Art Umbrella for $24.95 from Mothers Lovebobble-art-bart-1700431-babushka-umbrella

Number Fourteen: Moluk Plui Water Toy

If you are looking for something a little different, a little unusual… then this is for you. The Moluk Plui Water Toy certainly is… *ahem*… different, and that’s why the kids love them. A bath toy must either float or squirt: this one squirts. Immerse it in water to fill it up and seal its mouth with a finger or thumb. The water will stay inside its belly, but when your finger is removed the water goes through the little tentacles like it is raining. You’ll find them at Metro Mum for $13.95plui

Number Fifteen: Tiger Tribe Vintage Kids Tea Set

This is my favorite toy by far, so much so that I am considering asking Santa for one. The Vintage Tea set from Tiger Tribe is an ornate tin tea set that is just beautifully finished. Every stuffed toy will be well supped when you gift this tea set, and, being made of tin, it will last . These sets come in three different patterns and Lime Tree Kids sell them for $34.95tiger-tribe-vintage-kids-tea-set-bluebird-1372161191

Number Sixteen: Kit-Pax – Fire Station Wooden Set

We all love our wooden toys. There is something more genuine about them, and they are better for the environment than their plastic counterparts. The Kit Pax Fire Station Wooden Set will make a lovely gift, as the child can expand on the scene and bring his other toys to the station. The station comes complete with a fire truck and even a helicopter, for those troublesome bush fires. Find them here at Haggus and Stookles for $29.95.kitpax

Number Seventeen: Tiger Tribe Swirlies

A bit of backyard play always goes down a treat, so get the kids out there playing with some Swirlies Flying Saucers from Tiger Tribe. They are so soft you won’t need to worry about injuries, and they are fantastic at developing hand-eye coordination. Only $14.95 from Haggus and Stookles.


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