Cool Product Alert: Quut Beach Toys

quut pouring

It’s heating up and we’re heading to the beach. The first thing we say when we wake up on a beautiful sunny day is:

“We should go to the beach!”

So here we have an awesome product for your beach bubbas. Quut is a range of three beach toys that are innovative and just plain cool. For the conscious parents: each item is well-made and are free from BAP, Phthalates latex and are made from recyclable materials.


Quutdig together

The Scoppi is a sand shovel like no other. Kids can use their arms and feet to dig, drag and sift sand to create sand castle masterpieces, fortify forts with moats or dig a hole to China! Scoppi even comes with a detachable sand sifter for the finer touches to your creations. Scoopi comes in green and yellow and is priced at about $29.95

Balloquut carry

A Ballo is a spill-proof bucket that doesn’t look like a bucket at all. It is designed so that kids can carry water from the sea up the beach and use in their play without it all leaking in the process. Ballo has a fun shape opening as well to making pouring the water precise and easy. What fun! You can get a ballo in one of two colours: green or pink and will cost $24.95.

 Tripletquut dig

Best described as a spade the Triplet is a toy whose uses are limited only by your little ones imagination. Dig, build, smooth, sift, pour and rake to add the fine touches to your beachy creations. Colours are green yellow or pink and you can get a Triplet for $11.95.

Put them all together and you have an awesome Christmas gift, your kids will want to head to the beach all summer.

You can learn more about these products at the Quut website or purchase them from Haggus and Stookles.

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What was your favourite toy at the beach?

What would your kids use Quut to make?

Have you ever used any of these products?

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