Bubbaverse October Eco-Baby Product of the Month: Jack n’ Jill Toothpaste


Keep ‘Em Clean

One thing all Mummies have to deal with, sooner or later, is the struggle of making sure your Bubbas toothy-pegs get a good clean. Or perhaps you are looking for ways to be more eco-conscious when it comes to choosing the products you use with your Bubba.

2BrushKitOctober’s Eco-Baby Product of the Month is Jack n’ Jill all natural toothpaste and toothbrushes. Jack n’ Jill is a family company based in Melbourne, who strongly believe in their obligation to the environment. With a background in pharmacy, this family wanted to use their knowledge to create a toothpaste we can all be happy about.

Jack n’ Jill claims to be the safest children’s toothpaste on the market – and boy, do we believe it! The toothpaste is made from an extract of the calendula flower, specifically chosen by Jack n’ Jill for its powerful and natural anti-inflammatory properties (great for teething Bubbas). Organically grown, the flowers are cultivated and the extract prepared in Adelaide, South Australia, specifically for this toothpaste brand.

Jack n’ Jill toothpaste is hypoallergenic, certified organic, and is free of fluoride, sugar and preservatives. There are no nasties for your precious ones to swallow, and the super cute packaging is environmentally friendly, BPA-free and recyclable (conscience bonus!).Boxes

Jack n’ Jill also offer the first children’s toothbrush made from 100% corn-starch. A big factor in making Jack n’ Jill environmentally friendly, these corn-starch brushes are safe for Bubba’s mouths and safe for the environment, as the handles are completely biodegradable, recyclable and even compostable.

Jack Toothpasten’ Jill is seriously environmentally friendly, but also comes in some seriously fun and delicious organic flavours! You can get it in banana, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and blackcurrant, and the yummy taste means you won’t have any trouble convincing Bubba to open up.

There are also three silicone toothbrushes available for inexperienced Bubbas, including a brush with a guard that prevents the toothbrush going too far in, a finger brush with a dimpled side for gums, which assists with teething pains, and a tooth and gum brush designed to make sure nothing is missed when Bubba has a go.jackjill2

The best part about this brand is the price tag. A tube of toothpaste will set you back no more than $5.85, while the corn starch brushes are just $4.95. It makes replacing the toothbrush every two months very simple, and easy on the wallet.

You can purchase these products, or find out more about this brand, at the Jack n’ Jill website here.

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Source: http://www.jackandjillkids.com/


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