Kukuu for a Bird and Berry Nursery

BaBnurseryCheck out these lovely wooden nursery furniture items from the Kukuu Bird and Berry range.

Boasting the modern look with a touch of kookiness, the bird and berry range would make your nursery a lovely place for your Bubba to reside.

BaBcotkWe start with the delightful two-toned cot, which displys soft colours and soft lines. But the bars are crooked, creating a fascinating uneven effect between them; reflecting the idea that nature is not linear. If you want a modern look for your cot but also love traditional shapes and the bar look, you’ll love Kukuu’s cot. The cot also comes with the rails to turn it into a toddler bed as an added bonus.

BaBdresserNext we find the change table that changes itself. Once nappy days are behind you, this piece doubles as a dresser. Simply remove the changing tray and viola! a renewed life for an exquisite piece of furniture. This also means the changing tray can be taken to, and used, anywhere in the house – no need to take Bubba upstairs every time you want to change him. There are two drawers, two shelves at the end to make one-handed changing that much simpler, and the table comes with a patterned basket for all your cloth nappies or onesies to be kept right at hand. We love the patterns and colours used for this piece; this table functions as a feature for your nursery all by itself.

BaBbookshelfAnother lovely item in this range is the toy and book shelf. Suitable for young children and babies, the open design of the shelf make accessing toys and books simple. This also comes with a basket to match the change table, and this, coupled with the slanting elements of the shelves, give the bookshelf a charming, intriguing look.

There are a number of other pieces in this range, including the popular play seat, all of which have stunning design features. This is one of my favorite nursery furniture ranges but lovely quality comes with a lovely price tag.

You can find out more information from the Kukuu website.

You can purchase the range from Metromum.com.au or danishbydesign.com

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Source: http://www.kukuu.eu/

Source: http://www.metromum.com.au/

Source: http://www.danishbydesign.com.au/


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