A Wheely Fun Bug

carryingTake a closer look at the Wheely Bug

Our little people love to be surrounded by many, many toys to keep them occupied, and we all know how difficult it can be to keep those toys looking nice and presentable. The Wheely Bug is a super cute décor-friendly toy that you won’t mind having in the corner when friends come to visit. They won’t become daggy looking like many toys do, and they come in a range of adorable characters.Girl on bug

The Wheely Bug is a very popular product for parents and day-care centres, in part because of the high quality materials, but more because they offer toddlers and young children a ride they can handle themselves. They are in the shape of some very cute creatures and are set on castors so Bubba can go in any direction without getting stuck in a tight corner. This means no frustrated cries for help will come from Bubba while she is cruising around.

on mouseAs I mentioned, these critters are made from high quality materials, which make them very robust, and they won’t fall apart or break easily. They will be enjoyed by your whole brood and still go strong. The body of your critter, which functions as the seat, is a spongy cushion and covered by a PVC-free polyurethane leathroid that is easy to wipe clean. The handle bar is made from aluminium, and the feelers from stainless steel springs that have an internal extension limitation cord, making them safe for little hands. The base is made from plantation grown plywood – which is rainforest-friendly – and will last the distance.

The Wheely Bug surpasses safety standards wherever it goes, and undergoes vigorous quality testing; but its best trait is how much the kids love to play with it. The bright colours and familiar shapes attract all ages.

Bee Tiger Pig

Mouse Cow Bug 

The Bugs come in six different shapes: bee; tiger; pig; mouse; cow; and the original lady bug. They are available in two sizes, for 1 – 3 year olds (Small) and 3 years plus (Large). They cost approximately $95 for a small and $120 for a large.

You can find more information on the Wheely Bug at their Website or buy them at Metromum.com.au

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Source: http://www.wheelybug.com/

Source: http://www.metromum.com.au/


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