Bubbaverse September Eco-Baby Product of the Month: Soy Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rock pickNow the weather is getting warmer, let your child’s summer imagination run wild with colour.

This month’s Eco-Baby POM, Soy Crayon Rocks, found at Gold Fish Toy Shop online, is a great eco-friendly way to bring life to your toddler’s colourful creations. The crayon wax is made organically, not from paraffin wax. Other crayons are made from this paraffin wax, which is a by-product derived from petroleum and powdered pigments. Organically grown soy is used to create the Soy Crayon Rocks, and they are vibrantly coloured with mineral pigments.

Soy Crayon bagThe crayons are purpose-designed to encourage your little artist to use her thumb, first and second fingers to hold them. Her fine motor skills will start to develop as she strengthens the muscles used in writing with pen or pencil. I wish I had these as a toddler; perhaps if I did, I wouldn’t be an adult with what looks like a four year old’s hand writing. For this reason, occupational therapist love to use these little rocks with their little patients. This design also makes them very easy for little hands to grip, without snapping or breaking the crayon.

The colour that comes off when using the rocks is vibrant and playful, with little effort from your toddler, which keeps them interested and engaged. What better art work is there from your kids than a mess of bright colour bunched on the page!

Soy Crayon ColoursThere are sixteen colours in each pack:  red; pink; blue; sky; green; grass; dark yellow; light yellow orange; peach; purple; light purple; brown; tan; black and gray. The Soy Crayon Rocks come in a reusable draw-string bag, to save on packaging – a wonderfully eco-friendly feature, and another reason these little rocks are September’s Eco-Baby Product of the Month.

To get your hands on these little guys, visit Gold Fish Toy Shop here. As a bonus they are currently offering Free Shipping.

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Tell Us What You Think:

How does your toddler grip his crayons?

Do your crayons produce as vibrant colours as you’d like?

What art does your toddler create?


Source: http://www.goldfishtoyshop.com.au/


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