Why You Will Not Regret the Tripp Trapp

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Family Time is for all family members.

When my friends and family find out how much I spent on our high chair I get a variety of reactions from people, however I can tell right away if they have either experienced or seen the Stokke Tripp Trapp in action. If they have, they understand why I spent as much as I did.Trip trap grow

The Tripp Trapp is posed primarily as a high chair that grows with your child, however the way my husband and I like to think of it is as a chair that your child will use from the very first day they come home and can take with them when they move out. The two differences between the Tripp Trapp and other high chairs (Or normal chairs for that matter) is that your baby, or child will be seated with their feet flat on a surface and that they will be in an appropriate position to be able to sit at the table with the rest of the family.

While they seem like trivial features I’d like to explain why they make the Tripp Trapp a very important item of furniture in my house.

TrTrp baby set Firstly Stokke explain to us that the ability to have your feet flat on a surface is paramount to being comfortable for a period of time. The foot plate of the Tripp Trapp can be adjusted to a height that suite the size of your Bubba or child. He will be able to shift in his seat when he becomes uncomfortable instead of complaining and insisting to be taken out. He will also not have the edge of his seat cutting into the underside of his thighs as the Tripp Trapp sits Bubba in the correct and ergonomic position where his legs are supported by his feet. Being comfortable in his seat he will happily stay in his seat for longer.

TrpTrap homeworkSecondly, and why I am a walking Tripp Trap advert, your Bubba can join the family at the table. Meal time is family time; the little people in our family know this from an early age. I have seen Bubbas getting frustrated because they are in a high chair off to the side or not included in the ritual at all. The Tripp Trapp does not have a tray (although Stokke have recently brought out a tray that can be attached when needed). This coupled with the slanted design of the frame gives your Bubba a chance to be in the thick of family time, at the table, from birth. The adjustable seat position means that Bubba or child won’t be sitting with the table just under her chin but at an appropriate height to feel comfortable and accessible to your table.

TrTrp new colours The Tripp Trapp comes with a five point safety harness and you can get the baby set and the new born set to get the most out of the high chair. There are a number of different cushions and textile accessories to customise the chair including the water resistant cushions. However the chair itself comes in nine different colours: white; natural; white wash; walnut brown; black; red; green and the two newly released colours: aqua blue and Larva Orange. Made from cultivated beech wood the chair’s materials are safe and environmentally friendly, as well as strong ensuring it will last, however the chair comes with a seven year warranty, which should last your high chair days at the very least.

The Tripp Trapp retails in Australia for about $299 for the chair, $79.95 for the baby set and $225 for the new born set. As I said this may be a lot to fork out for a high chair, however we invest in other items such as cots and change tables where Bubba spends her nights, why not invest in where Bubba will spend her days, especially when the safety and conveniences features are so fantastic?

If you would like to find more information or some videos about the Stokke Tripp Trapp you can go the Stokke website here.

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Source: http://www.stokke.com/en-au/


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