Blogget: Olli Ella Felted Ball Rugs

Remarkable Round Rugs


Olli Ella makes some pretty funky and modern décor for your nursery. One thing we are in love with here at Bubbaverse is their two rugs: The Gum Ball Rug and The Moon Drop Rug. These two rugs are made from clusters of felted balls of 100% wool, made by hand in Nepal.Gumballandbaby

The GumBall Rug features pink, blue, orange, white and musk balls, and the Moon Drop Rug balls that are coloured aqua, ecru, white and musk. Both these colour sets are specifically designed to suit almost any nursery décor, and are versatile enough to be placed anywhere else in the house once your family moves on from nursery days.

I am in love with the Moon Drop Rug – the swirled pattern makes me think of the Milky Way. Just the right soothing feeling you want in your Bubba’s Nursery.

The rugs are priced to match the luxurious quality materials, and will set you back $299. They are one meter (100cm) in diameter, and boast a deep gauge due to the plumpness on the felted balls. But I promise you, these are a worthy investment.MoonDrop

You can find more information and purchase the rugs from the Olli Ella Website.

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