Magic Nursery Wall Decals


How to turn their room from a space into a place

Bunting_and_birds_decal MFMIf you’re anything like me then one of the most enjoyable nesting activities you get to do, before your new Bubba arrives, is design her nursery. Pick a theme; Owls, Trains, Birds, Monkeys, Boats, Flowers, Colours. Then get creative!!

The hunt is on. Search for the right pillows, bed-clothes, fabric, lamps, and toys; choose the right paint colour for the feature wall; find that one illusive item; red blockout curtains, a nautical themed clock.

If you want to make a special place, really draw your baby’s imagination out and bring their room to life – you’ll reach for a wall decal. Simply a sticker that looks like it has been painted on your wall – but My Friend Matilda really makes these special. The decals are not reusable however they are removable without any damage to your walls – But why would you want to remove them?!Ship Monkey MFM

A website started by an Australian stay-at-home mother: My Friend Matilda has a huge range of decals (made in Germany); each one as lovely as the last; precious bunting, cheeky monkeys, stylish trees and more (even Bubba’s name!). You pick your design and choose your colours and size; they are very customisable! My Friend Matilda even offer to custom design if you have your heart set on a specific look.

Removable_Wall_Decal_Grass_Land_with_Flowers_and_Dragonflies_-_0771We love the effect these lovely stickers have on a room; style and interest abound. Easy to put on each decal comes with detailed instructions and a test decal (so you will get it right).

Hands down my favourite style is the Trailing Cherry Blossom Tree (Featured at the top)– Absolutely Stunning!

You will even find the new Chalkboard Wall Decals: get a calendar that is never out-dated, or have a to do list you can’t lose or ignore! Write on your wall and rub it off – easy as chalk – brilliance!


You will find My Friend Matilda Here

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What is your favourite My Friend Matilda Decal?

What else have you used to decorate Bubba’s Nursery?




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