Soft and Squishy, Safe and Comfy: Reversible Baby Play Mats

Bubba Mat with Mum

You could stay on the floor with Bub all day – no sore hips or elbows!

Something new has come to our shores recently. Dwinguler and Bubba Reversible Play Mats are made of Eco-friendly foam, with no harmful or toxic chemicals and elements (Yay!).

Originating in Korea the mats are great for play areas, nurseries or rumpus rooms. We think these mats are awesome, for so many reasons that we need to list them:

Safety – Bubba has a place where she can learn about balance without you worrying she will hurt herself. Mats range in thickness from 11 – 15mm. So you can choose the right mat for your floor surface – Our tiled house calls for the 15mm thickness.

Comfort – You can get down on Bub’s level and interact with him through play, but you won’t get sore from being on a hard surface.

Bubba Mat Contemp Clean – Give it a wipe over with some warm soapy water and you’re done. These mats also have a special coating that bacteria cannot live in.

Fun! – They have so many fun patterns, choosing which one to get will be the hardest part! Our favourite is the ‘Contemporary’ Bubba Mat.

Third-Party Tested – Your children’s safety seems to be of the utmost importance to these manufacturers, so these mats are tested annually to the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), among others.Dwinguler Mat

There are a number of different sizes and dimensions, and you can find these here:

Bubba Mat™ | Children’s playmats, child safe, hygienic and educational by Softmats.


You can also find Dwinguler and Bubba Mats at Bubs Baby Shop.

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Have you seen one of these mats before?

Would you try one of these?

What do you use to create a safe play environment for your Bubba?





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